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Cunard River Cruise Line Carnival House, 100 Harbour Parade, Southampton SO15 1ST United Kingdom Cunard River Cruise Line want to use this medium to announce to general public that vacancies is now on for all applicants.We are seeking qualified candidates with the knowledge, skills and attitude, passion for excellence and quality service,who will fill the following vacant position below: *Engineer *Captain *Mate Engineer *Deckhand *First Mate *Stewardess *Chef *Steward *Chef *Cook *2nd Engineer *2nd/3rd Officer *Waiter *Customer Care Representatives *Guest Room Attendants *Cleaners *Head Housekeepers *Gardeners *Housekeepers Company Remuneration range from 5,000.00 Great British Pounds to 10,000.00 Great British > more

Food issues? not welcomed

The more I read, the more I am shocked...I have been looking for a new job on different sites and I still find quite frustrating the " no food issues" clause. I am a long time vegan, never made a fuss about it, always been happy to eat whatever the cook or chef could put together for me or did it myself when/where possible. I've been crewing with so called " omnivores" who for her own sake decided she did not want to eat red meat or chicken, no pasta or but I was the one welcomed by the > more


Another yacht on the rocks.  Is it me or  is this getting a little too common?  One could be forgiven for thinking that there may be some sort of similar reason for all these groundings as it seems to be more than just coincidental.  Every one has an opinion about just why these things happen and sadly too many would seem to publish their opinion before the facts are known, but perhaps after this season it is worth looking into what exactly went wrong in so many cases. As we all are aware, one an individual basis the pertinent flag > more


Relative to all other blogs last week, my rant about drugs received far more attention and the most responses.  This gives me some hope that the drug issue is still considered serious by others in the industry.  But, there is still little concensus on what we can do about drug use.  It seems to me that the policing we need should be considered carefully.  At the moment it is the enforcement that is lacking.  It is extremely rare for a vessel to be boarded and a routine check for drugs mounted and sadly the users know this.  Enforcement is the > more

The so called Normal LIfe

It has occurred to me that four years has flown by so fast while playing and indulging deep within the amazing spectacle that is the mega yacht industry. From our constant exposure to our favorite destinations, foreign cultures and sometime sleep deprived lifestyle brews a wake up call harder than an all night anchor watch in 40 knots in the middle of the Greek Islands. Surprisingly this other life style has a name “normal life” and after four months of this I have never more felt like a fish out of water. Even from the small things like the purchase > more


by Carolyn Bailey.             How often does one hear a captain bemoan the fact that it’s hard to find decent crew these days or keep positions filled long term?           Wake up, guys!  This is always going to be a transient line of work as long as the crew agencies, owners and personnel hiring the crew are selecting their candidates based on age, looks and image.  How can anyone regard work in the industry as a serious career, when the desirable age limit of recruits is no higher than thirty and experience is not a factor?           Working on > more

Is alcohol a problem in the yachting world?

Drinking is a social activity that has been around since the jolly days of the pirates. When I first came to the industry I was amazed by the significant role that drinking behavior plays in this industry. I don’t know any other line of work that it is acceptable to get your job in a pub over a pint (or two or three). In every major yachting centre there is a pub just for yachtys to mingle, get to know other crews and catch up with old friends. Now I have to make a confession- I’m not much of a > more

Newbie trying for yachting industry

Hello everyone am trying to start in the yachting industry and it's a very tough road for me,so am hoping anyone out there with any good advice could tell me excatly what is it am doing wrong or what am not doing. I have been working on cruiseships for the past ten years and i wanted to try something different so i decided to join the yacht career came here in march got day work for one month and that was it. Ive join  almost all of the crew agencies here in fort lauderdale then i took there advice went > more

Stupid questions

Interviewed a girl for a stewardess position and after giving her a brief overview of our expectations and the boat itinerary, she asked if on the weekends, would the boat be putting her up in and apartment or a hotel.  I was speechless.  Once I recovered,  I informed her that the position was 24/7 when the boss was onboard and the captain was always good with giving crew time off whenever possible.  Her response was...what?!?!?!! YOU want me to work EVERYDAY!!!  Now granted she was new to. The industry and I also try and give people an opportunity to prove > more

Captain warns others about burglary in St. Maarten

Dockwalk received this account from a captain whose vessel was burglarized in St. Maarten – he wishes to remain anonymous. The video shows the intruder climbing onto the vessel and taking items in the galley. “Our yacht was in a marina near Isle de Sol. The crew were asleep in the aft of the boat where a man boarded the vessel [via] the swim platform at approximately 3 a.m. wearing what looks to be a dive hood.  The chef was forward in the boat and heard [the burglar] enter, but was too frightened to investigate. [She] locked herself in bathroom. The > more

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