• Relief Engineer

  • Member Since: Sep 21st 09
  • Position:
  • Boat:
  • Location: Antibes, France
  • About Me: MCA Y3 COC, Diploma in Marine Surveying (Lloyds Maritime Academy) , B1/B2 , 9 Years Yacht Engineering 16 Years Marine Engineering Advanced STCW Certificates (refreshed 2017), Age 35, RYA Advanced Power,British, Yacht Master Theory, Non Smoker, PADI
  • My Interests:

  • scott_7

  • Member Since: Oct 14th 08
  • Position: Bosun
  • Boat: OUR TOY
  • Location: Not Defined.
  • About Me: Mate/Engineer/Nurse working in the best indusrty in the world. Currently looking for another boat. In Fort Lauderdale interviewing at the present. Cell 347-681-8212
  • My Interests: Reading, treaveling, meeting new people and cultures, and bike riding

  • not sure

  • Member Since: Dec 23rd 10
  • Position: Captain
  • Boat:
  • Location: Not Defined.
  • About Me:
  • My Interests:

  • Vegan chef

  • Member Since: Apr 13th 16
  • Position: Chef
  • Boat:
  • Location: Not Defined.
  • About Me: I am a fully qualified Chef with many years of International five star experience in all types of kitchens specializing in vegan cooking which is where my passion lies as I follow a vegan diet myself.
  • My Interests: Traveling, Healthy Living, Sailing, Reading

  • Pavel Berny

  • Member Since: Jan 2nd 13
  • Position: Deckhand / Divemaster
  • Boat:
  • Location: Not Defined.
  • About Me: Reliable, hardworking Deckhand/Divemaster who is looking for permanent or seasonal position in the yachting industry. I enjoy responsibility but also like working in or around a team. I am well presented and confident but also ready to learn and develop
  • My Interests: Diving, boxing, ice hockey, tennis

  • ShaunFrith

  • Member Since: Oct 28th 09
  • Position: Deck Officer
  • Boat:
  • Location: Not Defined.
  • About Me: Looking for a role as a 2nd officer on larger yachts or as 1st officer on a +-50m. I am looking as a couple with Charlize Marais(Stew/Masseuse/Beauty Therapist). With a passion for being active and fit I hope to join a vessel with a similar ethos where I
  • My Interests: Water sports, golf, rugby, water polo, playing the guitar, squash, surfing the net.

  • elena nazare

  • Member Since: Apr 13th 16
  • Position: Looking for work
  • Boat:
  • Location: Not Defined.
  • About Me: boat staff since 1995
  • My Interests: travel, sports,

  • Ms.Merrin

  • Member Since: Oct 20th 14
  • Position: Steward/ess
  • Boat:
  • Location: Not Defined.
  • About Me: I have been working in yachting for the past 6 years in various positions as a deckhand, dive instructor, purser, and most recently as a cruise director. I am currently looking for either a temporary or permanent position. I am available immediately an
  • My Interests: Scuba diving, surfing, paddle boarding, fishing and yoga.

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