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Sole Stews
Posted: Wednesday, November 27, 2013 7:48 PM
Joined: 22/06/2013
Posts: 1

Hi fellow stews,

Just looking for any advice from sole stews. I'm contemplating working as a sole stew on a 40m sail yacht. I've had mixed views from friends in the industry who have been sole stews, on one hand I've been told its great, your in control and can run a system that works to suit you and your owners requirements and its great having a crew that pull together. On the other hand I've heard its too much of a work load and quite stressful. 

I already know the work load will be a fair amount and doing that all by yourself seems quite a challenge, but I know I'd be stepping into a good crew and good easy going owners. I've been in the industry for 3 years and understand all aspects of interior and it helps having an ex chief stew on board to help with any queries. However it is a sailing yacht and all my experience lies in motor yachting. 

It'd be great to hear people's views of sole stewardessing, whether it was great experience or one they'd regretted. And any tips or tricks you had up your sleeve to make life easier.

Posted: Friday, November 29, 2013 9:13 PM

You don't mention the crew make-up, time & number of guests/owners on boat or the venue. Is it truly a team environment or is the sole stew left swamped and helping swab decks, too? Will the boat hire a freelance stew when there are extra people on board? Who decides when the sole stew needs a hand? 


Posted: Monday, December 2, 2013 5:49 PM
I always enjoyed working solo. Yes, it is a lot of work. I found the most challenging part was doing dinner service at the same time as turn downs. You don't get a break during the day, and you are often the last one standing at night. But it is nice having sole control over your department, a lot less of a headache in the crew relations department.
Posted: Wednesday, December 11, 2013 7:11 PM
Joined: 24/11/2013
Posts: 3

It really does depend on the mix, do you have deck crew or captain that double duties and help with turn downs, etc? Or are you expected to have 8 arms? I've worked both solo and in a team, for me I appreciate the team environment as I do get an actual break to eat, work either day or afternoon/eves and can have some me time. If your guests are mellow, small enough in group, somewhat self sufficient in getting their own drinks, etc you'll do great and it can be lots of fun with more variety. I recently worked day work on a 70' boat as a solo stew with 24 guests on board, I ran until I about dropped but even with a party onboard it's still manageable for one and folks generally really show their appreciation. How often guests are on board makes a big difference too. It sounds like you have a good feeling about the boat and are interested in learning about stew work from the sailing end so if the workload sounds manageable I'd say go for it and see where it takes you!
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