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Hoping for a bit of advice for a newcomer to the industry!!
Posted: Thursday, February 20, 2014 8:16 PM
Joined: 20/02/2014
Posts: 1

Hi everyone!

I was hoping someone can give me a bit of advice on finding a job in Antibes for the Med season! I am heading down to Antibes just after the 20th of March in hope of finding a job on board a super yacht my main question is what job I should go for.....I spent my gap year working in the Maldives as a water sports instructor which I loved but having been sailing with my Dad from a young age I have always wanted to work on a yacht and eventually become a captain (years away I know!). My main concern is that applying to be a deckhand with only a powerboat level 2, SRC, STCW, ENG 1 & PWC (we had no formal qualifications while teaching out in the Maldives) probably won't make the cut, I was wandering whether I should perhaps use my experience as a cocktail bar tender & waiter I had during my three years at uni and go for a steward position, at least then having a season under my belt before applying for deck out in the Caribbean season?

I have a preference to work on 40m plus yachts but I can understand I may have to work my way up....

Final question, I have allowed €3000 for 5 weeks of job searching, accommodation, networking in bars etc is this reasonable? Once my 5 weeks are up I intend to assess the situation and decide if its worth staying in Antibes or going away and doing a bit more training!

Appreciate any responses, anyone heading down to Antibes late March/ early April let me know!!

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