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green stew/deckhand
Ginny Polin
Posted: Tuesday, November 6, 2012 3:51 AM
Joined: 06/11/2012
Posts: 1

A little about me, I am a highly motivated and hard working individual who knows how to produce customer and client satisfaction under demanding physical conditions. I worked for Norwegian Cruise line the contracts require working 7 days a week with no full days off for the entire term of the contract. Even if you are off duty, and you are in a public area of the ship, you must be dressed professionally and respond to customer requests. Cruise lines demand a high level of customer service. I have a flexible and easy going personality which allows me to get along well with all types of people, and work well in a team-oriented environment. I also have a degree in Photography and one year experience doing high end photography of cruise line guests. I have child care experience, both with normal and special need children, working professionally as an aide. My job was to meet the child's physical and emotional needs, helping them do homework, and keeping them occupied with daily routines, chores and rewards for being good. Special needs children can be difficult "clients", and need love and understanding as well as a firm hand setting limits as needed. Finally, I have professional skills in photography, shooting both hundreds of shots a day and also doing private portrait sessions. High quality, friendly and positive customer interactions are needed to get customers to pose well and produce high quality pictures. We achieved sales quotas by making the photo experience a positive experience for the customers. Also I am a United States citizen, Nonsmoker, No Tattoos, with my STCW and ENG-1
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