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STCW Basic Training in Philippines?
Travelling Cat
Posted: Sunday, January 31, 2016 2:36 AM
Joined: 29/01/2016
Posts: 1

I'm from Hong Kong where there's not maritime training available.  So to get started I am looking at courses in nearby places like Thailand and Philippines.  One post back in 2012 recommended University of Cebu but the school never replied my emails... so I'm looking at others.  
I found this company: The Maritime Training Center in Philippines (TMTCP)
They said the course is 8 days and cost 4500pesos and I have to go there to enroll.  Ive checked it is approved training centre by the Philippines maritime authority MARINA.  But I can't find it on the IMO list. 
I also found another one in Thailand:
Gulf Chartered Thailand  
This one is 5 days and costs 22000bahts, it specifically mentioned it is accredited by the MCA but I don't know how to verify it.  It is recognized by the Thai government too.
I have been researching quite a lot but still quite confused about Hiw the STCW certification is recognized.   I'm told by the Thailand company that as long as Thailand is in the white list country, courses recognized by the Thailand authority are recognized by other white list countries.  Is it true?  Since both Thailand and Philippines are on the white list, is both course OK?
The cost seemed to vary a lot. 4500p is less than us$100 while 22000b is more than $600... other than cost, I'm thinking about the vast number of crew in the cruising industry is from Philippines, so I'm leaning towards the Philippines one.... anyone can help?
Oh and a little bit background, I'm doing this for the purpose of finding a job on an Expedition cruise ship as guide.  

Posted: Tuesday, February 2, 2016 12:17 AM
Joined: 24/09/2014
Posts: 1

TMTCP is one of Philippines Accredited Marina training centers in Manila. Having a huge number of trainees on both passenger and commercial vessel makes it one of the pioneers in giving IMO compliance trainings. I am a crew working in Phuket and I personally know the person in charge conducting trainings here. Yes, you are right. The price difference of training is very far compared taking in the Philippines maybe for some reason that instructors in Thailand are mostly Westerners but end up getting the same IMO MODEL COURSE CERTIFICATE  in the Philippines. Philippines produces pool of manpower and competition of seafarers produces a great number thereby conducting trainings every day whereas in Phuket, trainees pay for the training on a specified schedule doesn't matter if few or more people attends. 

Some Manning agencies in Philippines has their own training centers for their crew like PTC Philippines that supplies crew for ROYAL CARIBBEAN,  CF SHARP Manning agent for NORWEGIAN CRUISE LINE,  Magsaysay Manning agency a sister company of TMTCP that supplies crew for Star Cruise Asia, P&O, etc. Set sail and go forward mate. CHEERS! 



Posted: Wednesday, February 3, 2016 12:19 AM

You can take STCW95 course at SIMS (Southern Institute and Maritime Studies )It cost 4500 pesos only. It is recognized around the world.I took mine there and I've been using it around Pacific and Europe.The course is 8 days and get the result on the following day after practical exam. 

You can find the contacts in google 


M/Y Pathfinder 

Posted: Wednesday, February 3, 2016 8:32 AM
Joined: 26/01/2015
Posts: 3

Keep yourself safe.  If you're looking for a school which is going to provide you a recognised ticket, go to the website and search for MCA ATP. Be a shame to spend money anywhere and find when you get back on board that it's not recognised.  That said, the question should also be what's the training standard like.  There are unfortunately a good number of schools who have the accreditation but are literally there to hand out certificates to those who really don't meet the minimum standard.  As you might expect, to get quality you usually have to pay.
Posted: Wednesday, February 3, 2016 9:59 AM
Joined: 18/08/2011
Posts: 22


I asked the same question in this forum about 5 years ago regarding thailands stcw. but actually there were not really any knowledgable answers in that thread anyway.

I went over to phuket do it but actually ended up getting a job and living in thailand over 3 years. However just before i left to return home i did end up doing the stcw2010 in phuket with sail in asia. So if you have any questions about the thai courses feel free to send me a msg.

I will briefly say though...

The phuket one overall was sort of good in terms of cost. It is mca and uscg approved and the qualification is issued through IYT which is all over the world. However I found it really rude that they charge thais a fraction of the price they charge us. 2000 or 5000 baht or something i think. They mentioned i was welcome to join the thai class but it would be in thai. I am pretty good with written and verbal thai but i decided against it only to find we had thais in our class... and im sure they wernt paying the 30000baht or so we were.

As for the actual course it was VERY relaxed. The teacher said at the start he wasnt going to fail anyone. He treading water fully clothed etc never happened nor did diving of a boat. Actually we never set foot on a boat. All we did was get in and out of a raft and this crocodile swimming while connected thing. We were allowed to wear bathers for these. The thais stood and watched from the beach and still passed. If you just want the qualification easy this is the place but if you really want the best safety training this is not it. 

The firefighting part was good and a bit more hands on. Done at the phuket fire station.

The only actual challenging part was the first aid part. This was conducted by roctopus dive school kata and they were much more stringent and we were told if we failed the first aid that we would have to pay to do that part again. I have done about 3 first aid courses previously and found this to be the best.

There was accomodation and food nearby although i was riding in from out of town.

As for the pattaya course. I did enquire and i think it was actually cheaper than phuket but i was already in phuket. Im not so sure they are as recognised and i think not iyt affiliated. 

Accomodation for pattaya... The ocean marina has bungalows nearby that were only 500 baht a night i think. They sent me a lot of pics of them (as they are not advertised online) and they looked alright. I still have the pics.

Hope this helps

Feel free to msg me if u need know more


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