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speak up about safety
Roland Ged
Posted: Monday, January 14, 2019 6:41 AM
Joined: 07/01/2019
Posts: 4

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speak up about safety - it`s your duty of care and legal obligation ... right ???

Well most of the Antibes community know me because I really am so cool and I say it like it is except when the boss is around and then I turn into one of the 3 wise ones - take your pick.

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Well I thought it might be kind of groovy to tell you a few stories - Fact or Fiction - just to point your eyes and ears in the right direction but where have my stories gone ???

Trustez moi - you speak the truth in this industry and you are GONE - safety first? Yeh right !!

Anyway girls and guyz - I love you both ways - I must go and spin an intricate web of deceit and dishonour using every available gossip merchant I can manipulate so that I can put the blame on someone else and get them shipped out to Blighty - I read The Guardian for Gawds sake so I AM important and I really couldn`t face another cold winter in Oyerland with their disgusting foodbanks - so don`t judge me.


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Stan Fermunder
Posted: Tuesday, January 15, 2019 9:46 PM
Joined: 15/01/2019
Posts: 3

I must say dear chap that your comments are interesting and actually ironic. I have known several good eggs who have had their careers sacrificed at the drop of a free drinks voucher for daring to question unsafe practice.

A quick meeting of 3 wise monkeys and disgruntled gossip merchants, wrong words planted in the right ears and the troublesome fly in the ointment is on a one way flight care of Easyjet to wherever they call home.

One thing is for certain is that they sleep soundly at night with our deserved respect and when these selfless men and women of unshakeable professional principles outnumber the selfish charlatans masquerading as professionals and turning a blind eye to danger to protect their shekels, then we might be headed somewhere where safety is taken seriously and is not just a title on a powerpoint slide.

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