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Are training extinguishers safe?
Stan Fermunder
Posted: Tuesday, January 15, 2019 10:15 PM
Joined: 15/01/2019
Posts: 3

Image result for exploding extinguishers

Image result for exploding extinguishers

Image result for exploding extinguishers

Image result for exploding extinguishers

I have witnessed first hand an "instructor" demonstrating a CO2 extinguisher and due to poor maintenance and servicing as well as "instructor" complacency, an insecurely fitted brass bolt was projected explosively past observing students heads and into a steel shipping container.

A near miss to say the least.

I have witnessed extinguishers being used for training exercises where the extinguishers are showing clear signs of age and corrosion with the instructors refilling them after each use.

Quite frankly, the apparent lack of understanding from "instructors" regarding the obvious dangers of using pressurised steel extinguishers showing dangerous signs of external corrosion has left me bewildered but to see young and innocent students handling them is unacceptable.

Extinguishers are pressurised steel cylinders and are subject to national, international, land and maritime legislated requirements related to maintenance, testing and replacement schedules and it is an industry disgrace that training centres continue to use equipment that has killed people !

The above links are just a couple I found and the pictures paint a thousand words.

If you find yourself gathered around a table with a rusting extinguisher that looks like it has been purchased in a car boot sale, stand back and have the confidence to ask what is going on here ?

Posted: Wednesday, January 16, 2019 3:54 PM

While on the subject of extinguishers,I took part on a course in Antibes where we were asked to move around the training unit and carry out a risk assessment exercise making notes and recommendations should we identify hazards.

My group quickly identified that the fire extinguishers placed around the training venue were all out of service date by some length with no record of servicing attached to any.

On discussing our findings with the "Instructor" he assured us this was an oversight but we told him evry single extinguisher over the whole site were out of date and may not even work if required to be used.

Less than an hour later, a member of the admin team walked around the unit and, I swear to The God of Money, wrote on each extinguisher service record, the current date and the initials of a manager who allegedly told her this was fine.

I questioned this with the "instructor" who apparently served as a UK Firefighter and was in The Navy but he said his hands were tied and it was a case of shut up and put up or goodbye job.

I really couldn`t take this guy seriously any further and took a back seat from then on.

I literally shook my head in amazement that we were undertaking safety training and yet could clearly identify several safety failings on site.

My training was paid for by the management company so I persevered but made a mental note to take my business elsewhere.

The shop window may be shiny but look behind the scenes and you may find shortcuts to danger being taken with your money.



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