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Rotation for Yachting Deck Officers (Yacht CoC's)
Posted: Friday, November 15, 2019 11:14 AM
Joined: 19/06/2013
Posts: 2

Hi All 

I'm interested to know everyone's thoughts regarding rotation for Yachting Deck Officers? I hold my MCA Master 3000 CoC and am considering to make the switch to interior or engineering  considering all the rotation on offer in these departments (My partner said I will look great in a skort). 

When viewing the job boards, it's evident that engineers and even now interior heads are favored for rotation these days. Deck Officers invest a tremendous amount of money in obtaining their CoC's after many years of commitment to the industry. They are interacting with guests daily while taking responsibility for the safety of the vessel, blah blah, not going to elaborate on all their duties... I completely comprehend and understand the importance of every department within the effective running of the overall operation. I would just like to understand why the deck department is trailing in this regard. Is it the recruiting agencies or perhaps the older Captains not making owners aware that you can run a program this way and the benefits that go with it? 

I feel the leave requirements for MLC needs to be revised at some stage. Expecting crew, juniors included, to operate and function normally on a vessel for months and only being offered 38 days leave per annum is ridiculous, to say the least. Junior crew in my opinion should be on a minimum of 5/1 rotation. MLC and owners need to start respecting the mental well being of crew working at sea and the pressure that goes with it. As crew progress up the ranks a 4/2 should be introduced and HOD's should be on time for time rotation. It is silly to expect senior crew to operate year round with only 38 days of leave when they're married, have children or just in general to find balance after many months of operational stress. 

Would like to hear everyone's thoughts. Before all the commercial guys jump in here, this is a thread for yachting officers. And please don't give me that crap of supply and demand. All departments are over flooded with potential candidates, the emphasis here is on the emotional well-being of crew. 

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