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Are crew over indulging and ruining yachtings reputation?
Posted: Tuesday, February 12, 2013 4:01 PM
Joined: 09/12/2008
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Are crew over indulging and ruining yachtings reputation?
It is not unusual for yacht crew to get out of control, cross cultural and legal boundaries. The work hard, play even harder doctrine is part of yachting’s attraction.
Yacht crews very often make themselves soft targets. The boat I’m on has been impacted by violent crime more than once. That being said it’s always the same type of people that get rolled.

Loud, drunk and drugged out losers are attracted to yachting because it enables them to satisfy their addictive personalities and follow the accepted cycle of overindulgence and cleansing that is encouraged because yachties “Work Hard and Play Even Harder”
Drug and alcohol testing is rarely done because that would require captains to also stay sober and avoid illicid substances.  
When I read articles about crew being mugged, murdered, drowning and falling to their death I immediately assume that alcohol or drugs played a direct or indirect role.
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