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How do crew protect themselves from captains that knife crew with a false references?
Posted: Friday, April 29, 2011 4:43 PM
How do crew protect themselves from captains that knife crew with a false references?... Is it legal to make damaging statements about people?....I once had a less than professional captain give a bad references... The bad reference was from four-month relief job I took six years ago... When the four-months was up the captain offered me rotation with the other engineer and I knocked it back because my standards and the boats standards where not in sync, long story short the crew and captain did something which resulted in jail time for some crew... Prior to the incident that cost people their jobs I was given a terrible reference by this particular captain and this momentarily stained my reputation and I lost a great career opportunity because this captain gave me a bad reference... The crew agent that told me about the poor reference would not disclose who gave me the bad wrap, but it was pretty clear who did and I contacted the offending captain and asked why, especially when he wanted to take me on as a rotational engineer. This captain denied everything, which angered me greatly... At the end of the day karma caught up with this less than professional boat and captain when he got canned and reckless crew members got chucked in jail... I think captains have way too much power over crew and their destiny. I also think crew that find themselves in bad situations should have access to mediation and have a voice because people assume all captains are honest... P.S. Crew agents should inform crew who is giving out bad references so they can remove them from their resumes and deal with these people, especially when the captains making false or exaggerated statements about people are being fired and proven to be less than professional.
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