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what can I do for my B1/B2 visa in the states?
Posted: Tuesday, May 28, 2013 11:18 PM
Joined: 21/11/2011
Posts: 2

Hey everybody,


i have a b1/b2 visa, i used to work on a foreign flag vessel before as a stewardess.

today i had to go to the immigration to do custom clearance. at this time i dont have a boat, i just

enjoyed a vessel for 4 days on Cat Cay in Bahamas as a guest.

I refilled all paperwork and afterthat they took me to the back office and srarted to asking me a lot of questions. What I am doing in the states, where is my return flight ticket, how much is the crew house, do i have a credit card, how much money i have,how many people enjoyed the vessel, the owner did offer for me a was soo scary...

Anyway i just wondering to interest what can I do for my b1/b2 visa in the states?

if the boat is foreign flag and the company who is managing the boat is american company, still can I enjoy the boat for freelance?

can I get a job or looking for a job  on the foreign flag vessel while this boat residing in the states?

if the boat owner is american or american company, I have to pay tax in the states! how can I do it if i dont have a social security number?










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