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How do you stop your 90 day countdown on a vessel if immigration officials do not stamp you out on your boat anymore?
Dani Keay
Posted: Thursday, March 5, 2015 8:58 PM
Joined: 27/02/2014
Posts: 2

Hi All, 

I am a South African passport holder with a Seamans Transit Visa and a seamans book. My visa will be expiring in June so I am flying home to get  a new one. I spoke to our boats agency to get a port agency letter for my application. they asked if my visa was valid and I said yes, but they asked if I overstayed my 90 days. I have not been stamped out on my passport when I got on my boat so he said it is expired. There are many cases where customs/immigration officers are no longer stamping passports as they say you are still in EU waters. So if this is the case, how do we avoid exhausting our 90 days over med season if they are no longer stamping passports and apparently the seamans book makes no difference to stopping the countdown? I now have to get a transit visa to go home. 

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