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6 Places Crew Need to Visit This Year

Mar 6th 18
By Hillary Hoffower


If there’s one thing we’ve learned from talking to yacht crew over the years, it’s that many unabashedly joined yachting for two reasons: the money and the opportunity to see places around the world they wouldn’t see otherwise. And if there’s another thing we’ve learned, it’s that some crew find that the travel isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, often finding themselves stuck on board and unable to explore the latest locale. So, we’re embarking on a mini travel series to quench your wanderlust the next time you have some downtime off the boat. To kick things off, we’ve scoured major travel publications for their take on the best places to travel to this year — and selected the best six for yacht crew. 


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Croatia and Montenegro often steal the limelight for yachties in the Balkan Peninsula, but Serbia isn’t without its delights. Take the recently reopened railway from Bar in Montenegro to Belgrade, Serbia, the country’s capital and the heart of the Balkans, where a gloomy past is giving way to a more vibrant future. Explore the Kalemegdan Fortress, the city’s central park, and street art by day before taking on its well-renowned European nightlife. During the summer, you can’t miss its splavlovi, barges turned nightclubs moored to the banks of the Danube and Sava. Outside of Belgrade, the country’s national parks are worth a visit — Tara National Park has amazing scenery and Zlatibor National Park is perfect for both winter and summer sports.