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If you are looking for work, how do you intend to find it?
If you are looking for work, what’s your experience level?
If you are unemployed, where will you go to find work?
If you are employed, is the vessel you work on hiring?
If yes, do you have charters booked yet?
If yes, where will the yacht spend summer 2014?
Are you currently employed on a yacht?(9)
Do you think more jobs should be offered as rotational?
Would you work a (another) rotational job?
What is the worst part to job rotation?
What are the best benefit of working rotation?
How does the pay compare for a rotational job?
If yes, what was your position at the time?
Have you ever had a rotational job?
What is your current position on board?
Do you feel the yachting industry is ageist?
If yes, did you get any backlash because of your youth?
Did you start at a high-ranking position at a young age?
Which do you think is more important for your position?
When you started, did you have any experience or certifications?
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