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2012 ACYS Concours de Chef

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The setting was serene; surrounded by the classic stonework of the historic Admiral's Inn in Nelson's Dockyard, Antigua. The bricks brought over from England in ships (used as ballast), quietly spoke of this spot's incredible history and give those visiting a real sense of what it might have been like in 1788, although only in the imagination as times are much different now. The multimillion dollar yachts that surrounded the yard are vastly beyond what ship builders dreamed back then, but stand just as regal.

The scene this year was full of properly-dressed crew and guests, sipping champagne, wine and cocktails, buzzing about who would be the winner of the 2012 Antigua Charter Yacht Show Concours de Chef — a challenge between superyacht chefs that brings out the best of their culinary art. This year's theme? A healthy, fresh, simplistic Caribbean meal.

There were some veteran's as well as new faces setting up plates for the judges, who tasted and delighted in three days of competition. The field was divided into three classes: smaller than 100 feet, 101 to 159 feet and 160 feet and larger. Organizer and master of ceremonies, Sarah Sebastian, said chefs were quick to respond to this year's competition, filling all the spaces almost immediately after it was announced. Needless to say, the competition was as strong as ever.

And the winner is...

Food Plates and Presentation

Yachts up to 100 feet
1st place: Chef Toni Leslie of S/Y Inukshuk
2nd place:
Chef Robin Thompson of S/C Matau
3rd place (Tie):
Chef Emmer Whicher of S/Y More Magic and Chef Claudia Salomon of S/Y Clevelander

Yachts 101 to 159 feet
1st place: Chef Jaron Pond of M/Y Arioso
2nd place:
Chef Jacob Ebert of M/Y Symphony II
3rd place:
Chef Tonya Bohn of M/Y Amitie

Yachts 160 feet and greater
1st place:
Chef Stuart of M/Y Arianna
2nd place:
Chef Morgan Lonegran of S/Y Red Dragon
3rd place:
Chef Tyrone Power of M/Y Lazy Z

Carib Bean Coffee Roaster – Best use of the bean

Yachts to 100 feet
First Place: Chef Emma Whicher of M/Y More Magic
Second Place: Chef Toni Leslie of S/Y Inukshuk
Third Place: Chef Audrey Harper of S/Y Flow

Yachts from 101 to 159 feet
First place: Chef James Catling of M/Y Harle
Second Place: Chef Jarod Pond of M/Y Arioso  
Third Place: Chef Jacob Ebert of M/Y Symphony II

Yachts over 160 feet
First Place: Chef Tyrone Power of M/Y Lazy Z
Second Place: Chef Marcus Worm of M/Y Darlings Danama
Third Place: Chef Morgan Lonergan of S/Y Red Dragon

Tabletop Display

Yachts to 100 feet
Casey Barnes of S/C Matau

Yachts from 101 to 159 feet
Sandra Jordan of M/Y Arioso

Yachts over 160 feet
Jen Lanza of M/Y Natita

More photos are being posted every moment. Congratulations to all the winners, and keep an eye for the other photos taken on the docks from the show.

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