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Ubud, BALI...

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OK, you've seen Eat, Pray, Love and want to come here!  Ubud tourism and traffic a bit out of control now. I first came here 30 years ago!   But still a great place with beautiful Balinese people practising Balinese Hinduism.  It's a special place to be sure.  holistic healing, yoga retreats, cheap massages and main/pedis!!! Raw, vegan, organic foods (but you can still get an Aussie steak!)  The best non alcoholic drinks... ginger, tamarind, cocowater, lime, juices, exotic fruit.. mnnnn... mangosteens! !! 

A lot of good community projects, Expats contributing to clean water, education, recycling projects.

It;s not as cheap as it used to be, land and houses expensive now (lease only!)  And alcohol is expensive!  $30 for a bottle of wine that costs $8 elsewhere!  But life is bagus! ... And don't expect to find a Javier Bardem here...  (I've snagged him!!   ; ) 

I would love to go to Bali, but was put off by the terrorist attacks. Would rather go somewhere where I am not nervous in bars. A real shame, but there we are. I have worked all over the World doing astrology readings, personal horoscopes, and birth charts for clients but have never been to a Muslim country before.
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