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      Hello everyone in the wonderful world of yachting! Recently I have received a ton of CV's that frankly are embarrassing.  Wondering why you are not getting those jobs?  Perhaps the trouble lies within your poorly maintained CV.  I can help, email your CV to me at I will review, correct spelling errors, rework, ask questions to you, reduce, consolidate and get your CV worthy of presentation and increase your chances of getting that job!      It is crucial when a captain or owner has a stack of apps, what will make yours stand out!  Find out and for a small fee I will revitalize your CV and put you back in action! 

     I have a simple clean format that when you receive your CV back and comare to your old one you will actually say" Holy Cow", why did I wait so long!  Send your CV today and get started on getting that job and feeling secure that your CV is the best it can be and current, It IS Crucial to your success in this industry.  

Chef Peter Z from the Sea!!!

Posted less than a half an hour and I am already working on 9 CV's thanks to you folks, I will get you back on the radar soon! I work quickly and efficiently with same day service!
Posted by: Chef Peter_1 at 19/09/2013 13:28

I have had the opportunity to do over 30 CV's this past week, thanks for keeping me going, the CV's that I have found have mostly the same problems with them, anything from the format, too much fluff, one even just told a story and had no facts, either way you size it up YOUR CV needs help! I can help hit me up at and send your CV in for eval.
Posted by: Peter Ziegelmeier at 23/10/2013 12:54

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