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     I have been knee deep in CV's this past week with everyone trying to get their CV updated and restored to a user friendly version.  Through time each of us will quickly try to update our CV's, and what I have been finding is a myriad of thoughts and fluff that frankly no one has time to sift and read through.  With the boat show looming and the sharks circling for your job, its time to clean up that mess you may actually call your CV.  I can help you send to and I will get you back on track and smooth sailing again!  I restore, renew and recaptivate the truth in fact about you and your intentions in this industry. Now...on to the seven deadly sins for your CV:

1.  Picture- the picture has to be just right size for the CV, you must have a bright smile, be in professional garb, etc.

2.  No one wants to read a story, they want the straight orderly facts and figures so to speak. I remove the fluff and put in the right stuff.

3.  Lines-Borders-Clip Art- Exclude all of these body wants to see square sponge bob pants on your CV

4.  Out of date or expired documents- if you have these do NOT circulate your CV without having them updated will waste people's time and prevent others from their pursuits as well

5.  Use relevant information that pertains to the industry at hand

6.  Spellling errors are a certain death

7.  Separate your reference page to a single page- only send upon request and when needed, some recruiters just take your information to build their data bases and never call you for work and make sure the phone numbers and emails are working

Important Note:  Clean your FB pages out of drunken debauchery pictures, many recruiters, captains, owners will sniff around there to find out what you really do, remember if it is on Facebook its out there already- keep it pro 

I hope those in need will contact me at for help.  I am available for advice about the industry, so that is from me Chef Peter Z Of the Sea!!!


Spellcheck IS very important ...

That said, "nobody" is one word ... as is "database" ....

and its Sponge Bob Square Pants ....

Grammar and proper use of punctuation is also key.
Posted by: lizi at 26/10/2013 02:02

To Lizi base is either way da·ta·base [dey-tuh-beys] Show IPA
a comprehensive collection of related data organized for convenient access, generally in a computer.
data bank.
Also, da·ta-base, data base, data bases

1965–70; data + base1

As far as the Sponge Bob thing and no body,,,this was purposely put in as an example without the italics do pardon, please send your CV to me at lets explore together.
Posted by: Peter Ziegelmeier at 26/10/2013 11:09

Thank you Peter for posting this. I am in the process of updating my resume as we speak.

Jonathan Shambarger
Posted by: Jonathan Shambarger at 27/10/2013 05:10

I contacted Peter for assistance with my CV, I found him to be very friendly, professional and fast! I received my reconstructed CV back within a few days, he was in touch whenever he required any extra info throughout the process. All was done by email and I must admit it was the best money I have spent! My CV looks fantastic and there is not anything I would change at all! Great job Peter, thank you
Posted by: YachtiePrints at 06/11/2013 20:00

Lame...I contacted this guy for help with my c/v and he responded with an email that said "do you require my assistance?". He didn't even read my email.
Posted by: yacht.stew at 10/11/2014 08:43

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