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YACHTS CHEFS impacted by MLC!

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Following the introduction of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 to the yachting industry there have been a number of new certification requirements for crew. As of the 7 August 2014 all unqualified chefs on board commercial vessels who cook for 10 or more crew will be required to hold an official Ship’s Cook Certificate in addition to their Food Safety Certificate.

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Where can you do the certificates and for how much?

Thank You for a response
Posted by: Agnieszka Skorupska at 28/05/2014 10:46

sorry, Anieszka,that I do not know. Carmen Foy teaches ICT...
I can help you with crew health insurance!
Posted by: Anita Warwick at 30/05/2014 19:01

I got all my crew to do an online course which was accepted by the Marshal Islands. £20
Posted by: Paul Garfield at 24/06/2014 07:59

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