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FOOD MELANGE....Spicing Up Your Food Repertoire!

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     For chefs in the industry today the competition is over the top, the industry is being flooded by newbies and landlubbers.  Your best defense is a great offense.  On your team should be an amazing CV free of spelling errors, free of fluff, streamlined and with the proper qualifications for the jobs you seek and a clear, uncluttered, non-lengthy objective.  The profile portion can be animated at the interview.  Also, your team should consist of reference page only given upon request on a separate page.  Be careful who you are sending your documents to with sensitive information like your passport or visa numbers.  Most importantly for chefs, I have noticed one out of a hundred actually list what cuisines and allergies they can cook.  This is very important for the recruiter/owner/captain or direct contact to the vessel to discern whether or not the position is right for the both of you, its a two way path.  One of the best items you can have is a food melange that showcases many of your recent works or classic works.  Instead of pages and pages of food photos without captions or descriptions leaving one in wonder, the food melange paints a mental picture that speaks a 1000 words.  Having an amazing  7 day menu is a great way to let the client know a glimpse into your style.  Explaining your style with the use of the menu and the food collages at interview is the best way to express your true passion about coming aboard. Remember though all boats and all people do not necessarily match, it has to be the right fit for both of you!  So....start taking lots of photos of your work chefs and keep changing up your repertoire of foods. for remember that variety is the spice of life.  If you are still doing the same cuisines you did five years ago its time to change up the spice in your food repertoire!  Dress to impress up that food series every day!  Chef Peter Z from the Sea signing out!!  

Thanks so much for all your help with the CV writing you have made a great impact on the yachting community allowing many to realize their dreams! Keep sending those CVs to me! Thanks so much! Also, the menus we have revamped have come out amazing and our clients are getting and staying in yachting! Building a greater work force! Thanks again Chef Peter Z from the Sea for everything!!!
Posted by: John Yolo at 06/01/2015 21:11

Thanks Peter I'll take all it onboard cheers!
Posted by: David Teasdell at 23/02/2015 05:29

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