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Dream job nightmare

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I scored a dream job in the Mediterranean which swiftly became a nightmare 

The captain fancied female crew, persecuted male crew which had bigger stones than him. 

Frequent crew change meant nobody new the boat and important maintenance was missed. 

Crew where so concerned about the weird mood swings of the old man they locked cabin doors at night and avoided dealing with him.

A trip to the wheelhouse was like listening to a broken record. The Captain quite literally had voices in his head. Emails from the Captain where rambles, that where poorly assembled at zero dark thirty because this guy had the sleep patterns of a crack addict. 

One moment the captain was overly friendly and the next he was ranting and complaining down to the crew, or ringing the crew agents and requesting new people.

Whenever a charter was mentioned the mood swings intensified, and the consistency of our Captains orders were the inconsistency of what he said.

New crew immediately became favorites, and had to listen to outrageous claims against existing and former crew. 

Within a few weeks of joining the yacht everyone could see where the problem laid, as they say a fish rots from the head down. 

When I resigned the Captain had me off the boat within hours, made me sign a confidentiality agreement and provided a generic reference.

Looking back the hallmarks of a bad boat where there, high crew turn over, heavy owner use, frequent charters and loads of rumors the Captain was nuts.

Until this job I was averaging a year on each boat and think its best to keep this job off my resume. Being associated with this boat is like being diagnosed with the ebola virus, because nobody wants to touch you.


name the boat
Posted by: Cat at 08/02/2015 18:16

Motor Yacht Urban Legend.
Posted by: Askhole( Visit ) at 08/02/2015 21:24

thx for naming and shaming this boat, I think the owner needs to realise why there is high turnover rates.
Posted by: siwel123 at 10/02/2015 15:18

Based half your rant is larger text and bold, I think you are the one with voices in your head. Nice of you to name the boat after telling us you signed a confidentiality agreement. Hopping from boat year after year doesn't make you a reliable person to voice these concerns. It is best to just move on and forget, instead of airing your dirty laundry.
Posted by: CaptErik at 10/02/2015 20:13

Agreed CaptErik, we all have had jobs that haven't worked out quite the way we'd like. Keep it to yourself and move on. That said, I do wonder if Urban Myth is in fact really the name. If not, good on you for that at least.
Posted by: Bee@Cee at 10/02/2015 21:53

This is a piece of fictional writing, designed for controversy.

Sadly there are boats which are very much like this.

Yachting is nothing like the glossy magazines and it's about time it changed, because crew issues and how the human element is dealt with is a major issue.
Posted by: Askhole( Visit ) at 11/02/2015 01:01

I wouldn't have hired you for any job that required attention to detail. Proof read your articles if you want your rants to be taken seriously and professionally.
Posted by: Kris at 11/02/2015 01:09

So you consider a year on a boat a long time? Complaining about being busy with charters? Believing rumors about other crew? Sounds like you may be one of the people with the issue here. Maybe you should post your own name, that way others will know to look out for you when your CV comes along. I especially hope that the boat name you posted wasn't the real boat. If so, shame on you for signing a confidentiality agreement, then running to the internet to complain and name the boat.
Posted by: Mike at 13/02/2015 22:00

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