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Barefoot career blunder

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Each time you step forward with bare feet inside shipyards and at marinas you take a giant step backwards in your career. 

When crew are walking around barefoot they need to realize that potential employers are everywhere. 

Today at the shipyard I saw at least 4 crew meandering barefoot, looking sloppy, unsafe and very unprofessional. 

When I am captain on a any yacht, business or pleasure, NO ONE is allowed on deck without boat shoes on. I shudder when I see someone washing a boat with soapy water on a smooth deck without shoes.
At boat shows, I think exhibitors are open for legal action if they make someone remove shoes to go aboard and they slip getting aboard. I always remove my shoes on the aft deck or swim platform before I go below. No one seems to have a problem with that.
Be safe.... wear shoes! JR
Posted by: Jim Ramsey at 13/03/2015 20:09

Bare feet ABOARD or ashore can be a killer. Period. This is yet another area where the yachting industry has a long way to go.
Posted by: Tom Summers at 13/03/2015 20:16

What a load of ~~~~~ let common since prevail. Yes wandering around a shipyard in bare feet is dangerous and maybe a bit stupid. But when aboard it should be up to the individual, yacht owner or captain as to what the uniform of the day is. Personally I have had many more slips and subsequent injuries in deck shoes than bare feet but I know people who have had the opposite experience.
Posted by: Garry Hartshorne at 13/03/2015 21:10

Totally agree with Garry. I don't think 'bare feet' is a killer as Tom put it, but common sense probably is. Neither do I think that bare feet look unprofessional in the correct environment.
Posted by: James Thomas at 13/03/2015 22:56

Yes definitely a load
I have been captain on a few nice yachts, and have not worn shoes for the past 10 yrs
Posted by: Dan Black at 14/03/2015 00:05

A serious load.... If nothing else, most yacht crew are expected to be barefoot. I would much rather wash with my toes shinning proud; wet shoes suck and I've fallen much more without my spider toes... capt. Ron; go wash a boat every once in a while.. . ;)
Posted by: Danny at 14/03/2015 00:28

"the right tool for the job"

I like boat shoes on the deck of racing or rough weather sailboat.

When just moving around the boat, my crew and I are barefoot; sandals on the docks.

I require boat shoes when we are fishing in the center console. A big fish can pull you right out of your sandals. Barefeet, soap, fish blood and hooks are a bad combination.
Posted by: SailorMcDreamy at 14/03/2015 18:03

shoes... OMG.. Shoes... these shoes are $300... LETS GET UM!!! haha if you got that Reference. if not, google the you tube video. Jokes aside. there is something to be said about this topic. I have a Military background where uniform is part of an individuals Daily Personal Hygiene routine. I know we are in the yachting industry so i don't expect it to be quite as Strict. However there is something to be said about the " lack of uniformity" on some boats. from shirtless deckhands tring to attract the boat next doors Stewardess's. To crew wearing personnel items during docking procedures, I.e. Flashy Trucker hats, big straw cowboy hats. Not to mention attracting all the attention in the marina by playing the Loudest house music, like the sun deck is a new dance club in town!. Some crew these days just aren't being steered in the right direction. could be lack of discipline from their captain. could be they just don't care because they know/think they won't get fired over it. I believe that any good First officer or Mate, who is trying to establish him self in the industry, should take it upon himself to become the "Enforcer" and take the load off of the Captain. demonstrating his ability not only to lead his men, but also to show his pride in the vessel. Because one day It might be his to run. Also, Every boat has a different shoe policy. so until the MLC comes up with a Standard Shoe Requirement. i will continue to wear my Crocs in the Engine room.
Posted by: Joe yachty at 14/03/2015 18:34

I believe the captains defiantly have their say, their opinions for THEIR programs/ vessels. It would lead me to believe it's defiantly not the kind of boat that most people would like to work on and it's a sure bet there is a large crew turnaround.That crap about washing a boat with soapy water and shoes is absolutely rubbish. If your barefoot your traction is in arguably better. You only have to work on deck to see this??? What the heck are these jokers talking about? By all means wear shoes if you want, they do have limited advantages, I believe the pros defiantly outweigh the cons
Posted by: Steve at 16/03/2015 08:29

Rightly so Jim! I run the same policies, shoes on-board and shore side to be worn at all times. Just talk with your insurance companies to see if they would pay out on foot injury claims- does anyone know what the COSWP is?? Clearly not. Barefooted ashore, only then to bring all the dirt back on-board- great idea guys! Joe- like your thoughts on this- hear hear.
Posted by: Robert Bleecke at 16/03/2015 08:40

Shoes off at the pasarelle!!! Bare feet boarding is safer than stilettos...Agree?? I had an owner fall off the pasarelle in high heels, she broke her elbow and wasn't happy. Sit down on the stool that has been put out for you and then put on your jimmy choos. This also stops all the crap that your shoes have picked up shit, cat piss, rotten food, you get the idea. SO that when you walk around on deck barefoot, you are not walking through everything on shore. Keeps the decks clean, the white carpet, white and the furniture free of any nasties you might have picked up on your shoes ashore.
Posted by: Dawn Kochan at 17/03/2015 10:32

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