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Unicorns & good engineers

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Let's face it engineers are cut from a different stone, forever serious the engineer wears a frown and is focused on what's about to fail and needs to be done. 

I recall a story about a concerned mother that took her 4 year old son to the doctor. Long story short her son aligned toy cars and trucks in straight lines, first by make, then by model and finally but color. This boy needed to see inside everything even if that meant breaking things into pieces and moving onto the next fascinating challenge. 

After a few minutes of listening the doctor stopped the mother and said “It's ok your son is probably going to become an engineer and slowly rationalizing size, shape, color and the functions of his surroundings"  

Organized to the point of annoying, the truly great engineers know something about everything and have a wish list that exceeds the captains patience and owners budget. 

Quick to comment and terribly blunt most engineers exist in a black and white world that needs to include a grey area because managing the big picture is all about compromise. 

Bursting with confidence young engineers enjoy talking about what they did right because it something very new for them. Whereas older and much wiser engineers prefer to laugh about what they screwed up, because they realize a big part of being a competent engineer is learning by trial and error. 

They say there are two types of captains, there's the ones who have run aground and there are the ones who are about too. 

The same could be said about engineers, because there are engineers that have a theory about how things work and there are the engineers that truly know the life cycles and processes occurring in the engine room. 

The true measure of an engineer is the level of vessel preparedness, the ability to identify and prevent problems, perform improvised repairs only to go back and fix things correctly while also maintaining the logs, record books and maintenance system. 

Whether it's a lack of experience, simply being overloaded with problems or pure laziness engineers are more likely to just get buy rather than set things right. 

If you've got a good engineer do what you must to keep them, because good engineers are just like unicorns. People believe they exist but sightings are very rare.

True. I can relate.
Posted by: Jeff Owen( Visit ) at 18/09/2015 11:48

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