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     The yachting industry is filled with fascinating personalities and cultures from around the world.  If you have the luxury of being a freelancer you will get exposed to many of these crew members from different backgrounds, and subsequently their slobby, snobby and knobby habits. So, far the two messiest cabins are chief stewardesses and engineers.  Go figure, the ones that have to keep either the whole boat or the whole ECR and engine room spotless and ready for use and inspection at all times, so my belief is that they just give up by the time it comes to their own quarters.  I lived with a few stewardesses over the years, so I have had first hand experiences.  Now, the top two most pristine and immaculate cabins, go to the captain and the chef.  The captain's because he employs the his favorite stew to wipe his shower particles down the drain, vacuum the clipped nails off the floor and wash his bed sheets and clothes filled with sweat. Then there is the crew mess, mess.  All but two boats out of the over 30 I have worked on in my career have had a really nice program that kept the crew mess, not so messy.  The rest, dis gust ING!  Public hairs on the table, floor and in the little plastic jars filled with stale cookies, age old holiday candy, saliva coated peanuts and cashews, and railings that have grease on them from the fried chicken wings and smudges from the guacamole.  The silverware drawers are filled with crumbs and the tynnes of the fork crusted over with hummus and the spoons with yogurt "schmears" put back into the drawer. Never mention anything to the stews about having to clean these places please, they will turn on you and become the snob to you, keep your spacesuit, gloves and shoes on at all times when in this area not to pick up anything creepy.  Why is it that on almost every boat you go on, knobs are broken, inoperable or just plain missing?  Cabinets, drawers, medicine chests and the list goes on.  Oh, and btw...talking about the medicine cabinets for crews, there are always chips in the mirror and one or both of the mirror cabinets does not close properly or at all and they are filled with saliva, toothpaste and funk.  The crew mess, the railing up, the crew quarters are always havens for slobby habits to be found, the mention of it brings on snobby habits, and the knobby habits get their "turn" or push too.  To keep healthy on board always clean up after yourself, wash your hands over frequently, try not to use too much hand sanitizer, you will become immune!  The industry will probably never change so adapt good healthy habits and always remember that you took the responsibilities, the most joked about course, can actually be the most important at times!  Be safe and healthy out there!  Chef Peter Z from the Sea signing out!  

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