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The truth about crew dinners......

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Crew dinners are rarely drama free events as hidden tensions of all kinds raise up when drinks start to go down and inhibitions disappear into the night.   


The time to celebrate seasonal success invariably becomes a drunk fest associated with teary eyes , twisted ankles, crew altercations, lost phones, wallets, purses and shameful Facebook postings and awkward crew mess chat about the nights events.  


When crew clicks divide dinner  tables and secret lovers play footsies and make out in the shadows and the established couples begin to steer towards the rocks as forgotten love drifts apart.  


The best part about crew dinners is next day gossip.  That can deliver embarrassing moments for some and hours of laughter for the rest. 

My very first boat my chief stewardess would enforce a weekly crew dinner...if you didn't feel like going it automatically became a topic for discussion amongst other crew at the dinner. I was on a really tight budget because I was desperately trying to pay off my student loans and debt from back home, and she would always order super expensive wine and cocktails or expensive dishes and then insist we all split the bill. Each dinner was usually 100$ per person which adds up monthly when your're making A JR stew salarie. It became a stressful ordeal for me each week. I attended as many as I could but eventually I got reprimanded and fired for not being involved enough in crew outings.
Posted by: Chloe at 31/03/2015 21:58

Crew dinner = Safe passage completed after a horrendous Gulfstream at 35 to 40 knots, Newport RI watering hole with good grub,all crew humble and thankful. Now, that is what is all about!
Posted by: Celia Gregory at 01/04/2015 01:49

It all depends on the maturity level of the crew. True professionals communicate so there are no tensions. Crew dinners can be a great team building event but, if you are part of an immature, unprofessional crew it can be a disaster.
Posted by: Todd Kuttner at 01/04/2015 16:45

there are so many arrogant person captain standing behind the wheel they think they knows everything degrading crew below him treated the crew like idiot... idiot like him just because he has a ticket to drive boat but then when i notice he is only high school grades the reason he is an idiot... i think the owner made a big mistake of hiring an idiot captain shall know them by their fruits..
Posted by: marcos at 03/04/2015 14:56

Dear Marcos,

Before criticizing your Captain so harshly, I would at the very least have the courtesy to use your the spell check in your computer.
Posted by: WOW at 05/04/2015 21:32

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