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American CBP sting

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I heard a rumor about customs and border protection running a day worker sting designed to quantify the number of foreign nationals seeking work and working in marinas and shipyards. 


During past boat shows I heard stories about people being stopped, questioned and then deported, so this sort of thing is nothing new. 


Regardless of what people say or think looking for work and working without papers is 100% illegal.....


This is a result of MAJOR abuse by a large number of foreign yacht crew. Oh I'll take a quick trip to the Bahamas to renew my visa....Hahahahaha. I applaud the efforts by CPB to reduce the number of ILLEGAL workers in the nation. Follow the laws and pay taxes; work as much as you want. Thank you for your honesty and hard work. All others, find another country to steal from!
Posted by: Capt. America at 05/10/2015 00:57

100% Here to stay.
100% No papers.
100% Lekka.

Posted by: South African LAD at 11/11/2015 15:47

THANK YOU CAPT AMERICA!! My sentiments exactly. Foreigners marry a US citizen get her green card and then she uses her foreign passport to avoid paying taxes in the US. Shame on you and stop driving on the roads my taxes have paid for!
Posted by: John Bein at 17/12/2015 13:46

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