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     Hello everyone out there in yachtland!  Whether you are looking for work as a solo act or on a team or transitioning from either land to sea, or sea to land, or any position and most any transition especially from the world of cruiselines, rivercruises or even the navy there is a site out there you can post your CV on to get noticed without having to do all that bloody dock walking.  I have been doing research on these sites and have used many of them in my pursuit for helping candidates whether they have 25 years experiences or whether they are a greenie or newbie or 1, 2 or 3 seasons or more under their belts.  Many agencies with IT saavy and captains, boat managers and even owners sign on to these sites in hopes of luring in the right "fit" to their clientele and ultimately the yachts.  Below is a list of Sites that are worth joining, many yachties sign up for all of them hoping that stone goes unturned and they can maximize their potential for employment without the expense and the hassle of finding accomodation, etc.  But, does it really work?  I know for a fact that it does, I write CVs for the modern day yachting industry from either scratch or revamp, reconstruct and reinvent and found the success rate of my clients using these sites with an amazing, streamlined, easy to navigate CV to be extremely high.  With the advent of Skype the face to face interview can still happen without the physical body.  The combination of these tools is slowly chipping away at the days of dockwalking.  If you need a CV surgery, revamp, reconstruction, revival or reinvention, do no hesitate to get this completed, once completed post on all the "yachty" sites and get in front of the line on the docks so to speak.  Good Luck, remember this too, the CV gets you noticed your interview and salesmanship you have within in gets the job, and the list below is in no particular order of effectiveness and I have found that they are definitely worth looking at: Chef Peter Z from the Sea does it again! Safe Travels, fair winds and may the wind be at your back!  PS this form of networking can be hazardous to your health, void where prohibited, batteries not included, mother tested and pet approved! 

YACHTIES WITH GREAT CVS LOOKING FOR WORK / GREAT YACHTIES SEEKING JOBS IN YACHTING / SUPER FORT LAUDERDALE YACHT CREWS / YACHTING WORLDWIDE FREELANCE MEMBERS SEEKING WORK / YACHT CREW FORCE SERVING THE GLOBE / YACHTING AINT EASY BUT IT CAN BE!! / Yachty Newbies-Transitions and Greenies Swimming into Yachting Jobs / Super Yacht Couples / CREW and CAPTAIN (exchange) / The Mega Yacht Industry / Fort Lauderdale Yacht Crew / The CrewCircle / Australia Pacific Yacht Crew / Palma Yacht Crew / yachting crews / Mega Yachts / Antibes Yacht Crew / Yacht Stew Guru / Deckhand Wanted    and the list goes on and on and on!  



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