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The Darkside of the Industry....sssh no one likes to speak of it.

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Yachting is a strange and wonderful world.  Life takes us down different paths and we briefly may meet someone that seems for like only a moment and poof, they are gone.  Years later you run into them and once you had helped them up their ladder of success, now they are there for your continued climb, this happens alot in this industry.  Keeping in touch in some way shape or form with yachting without actually working on a boat is interesting and that was just what Johnnie had done.  Took nearly a two year hiatus from the stank of crappy crew and the darkside of what yachting may offer.  Returning back after such a long time away from the beast can be challenging or it could be wonderful, my friend, Johnnie told me his short story and I listened as his saga unfolded.  He told me of delicous foods, sumptuous meals, learning new watersports and trying out the latest in the industry. And then came the darkside, rearing its ugly head filled with seedy night clubs, promiscous women and men, sodomy, bondage, drugs and alchohol beyond his wildest dreams and then back to the boat he would go, sometimes not for days.  Then came the drinking during the day with the crew just to get by the relentless humdrum of the daily boring owners regime.  Nothing new, nothing ever, onboard that was.  The stews shooting botox and piling on the makeup and bad perfume before they would go out every single night.  The endless gambling and money wasting at the local casinos, the free drinks again and again, the total immersion into ....the dark side.  The chamois slipped from his grip, he reached for it and fell head first from the side of the boat, down he went, like a sack of potatoes, into the drink, but not before first smashing his head on the railing.  Suddenly he woke up from this bad dream....and said "whew, glad that wasn't real." Suddenly a loud bellow from the captain and it was up to the sundeck for 2 step teak...

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