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Fake crew

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There's plenty of fakers working on yachts, these overconfident and flirtatious knuckleheads are expert excuse makers and finger pointers.

Fakers are illusionists that appear to be working productivity, when their actually not. 

They know exactly when the day starts, what time breaks occur and the first to disappear when it's knock off time.

Fakers love taking advantage of other people, suddenly appearing when jobs are finishing and know where all the hiding spots are around the boat and the marina. 

These professional dog walkers, errand runners and ass lickers know how to keep captains and department heads fooled.

The true skill of the fake crew is their ability to guilt people into giving them endless chances. 

Meanwhile everyone else is working extra to carry them.

Why work at a steady pace and get you share done, when its easier and less stressful to drag your feet and have everyone else pull together and help you out........





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