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My disorganized yachting career

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I did everything wrong in yachting, buggered my life up by spending every cent on booze, drugs, gadgets, clothes and holidays. 


I now have many regrets, because my ex-girlfriend from South Africa emailed me and said she is pregnant and now I am trying to decide what to do about that, cause we busted up last month and she dropped this on me when I am flat broke and living in a Fort Lauderdale crew house and not in any position to become a father, let alone marry some bird I hooked up with for a season.


Looking back I should have logged my seatime, completed courses and increased my earning potential, with qualifications.


Since 2012 I've changed jobs every season, have a crapp resume and tired of hearing the crew agents say I lack qualifications and suitable references.

Some of the fellas that started the same time as me on yachts have rotation gigs, and moved up the ladder, and all my mates back in Australia have kept stable in their careers, have started families and bought houses and I am thinking about going home to lay low and sponge of my mates, while I couch surf until I get a job.


All I have is lots of passport stamps, memories and three weeks left on my I-94

For all those embarking on a yachting career, learn from my mistakes. Log your seatime, build qualifications and stay on a boat for at least a year. Because five years in yachting and taking breaks at the end of each season, burnt my money and buggered my chances for progressing in yachting and wasted time when I could have done something worhtwhile.


The jobs I apply for back home go nowhere, because I never did a trade, or completed university because I partied like an animal and enjoyed life.


Shoreside employers don't get, and 30 year olds laking experience or qualification aren't in high demand.





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