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Marina Hannibal
Via Bagni Nuova n° 41, 34074 Monfalcone, Friuli Venezia Giula, Italy

T:+39 0481 411541
F:+39 0481 40446
Contact: Mr Carlo Cuzzato

LAT/LONG 45°47.04'N/13°32.25'E
VHF 09/16
Port Photo

Situated at the very top of the Adriatic, Monfalcone falls within the province of Friuli Venezia Giula, where the Latin, Slav and Germanic worlds have faced each other for centuries. Until World War I, the Istrian peninsula, with its spectacular fortified port at Rovinj, was part of Italy and before that, Trieste was a major port for the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In 1945, Istria was ceded to the new nation of Yugoslavia, which has since collapsed into its constituent parts. Monfalcone remains just within Italy by a few kilometres, while the border with Slovenia runs through the centre of nearby Gorizia.

Berth Information
Price Guide
Air Access
25-30m berths
High season
Int'l airport
30m+ berths
Low season
Max length
Max draught
Max beam
Facilities available at Berth
electricity; fresh water; fuel; sewage removal
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