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Yacht life
Posted: Friday, March 8, 2013 12:07 PM
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I have a question for you all.

Why NOBODY ever talks about how yachties are bad people?
For the last 5 years I have been working on yachts.
I have never found NOBODY who can be consider "a good person".
Everyone tries to [deleted by moderator] you in one way or another, always say bad things about you, nobody helps you in any case....and so on and so forth...
Why nobody ever write here how shitty is the life on yachts?
Ass licking people, think only about themselves, backstabbers......I could write about them for hours.
I am an engineer. Very Good at my job, great commercial experience, I have been working on ANY kind of ships. But i am loyal, faithful, friendly. But yacht people don't like this. Don't want this. 
I am sorry I am not like you. I can't backstab my ship mates, I cover them if they make some mistake and help them to fix it. I can't lick asses to improve my salary or my position.
I wish somebody would hire me for my engineering skills. But this it's not going to happen.
So sad about this.
Everything is just a facade.......Deep down is not all roses and flowers as they show or say.
I sign this with my name because I am not afraid to show my most of yachties do.
Andrea Patella.

Posted: Saturday, March 9, 2013 5:30 PM


Hello Andrea,

I haven't yet worked on a yacht myself, so all I can say really is that I'm sorry you feel the way you do. Your post sounds very similar to the post titled " crew standards", a person who's very despondent to the situation they find themselves in.

Who knows, If I ever do get to work on a yacht, I might find myself feeling the same way you do about the people around me. (I hope not). It just seems from my experience that its impossible for anyone to be ALL bad, and impossible for anyone to be all good. Maybe you just need to keep searching until you find a place with mostly good people.

It sounds like you enjoy your work, (engineering) and you say you are good at it. Take a step back along with a deep breath, and evaluate what's important to you. I don't know your situation, but everyone is different, however, there is one thing we all share, and that is the willingness to put up with a horrible situations in order to make some kind of living. One person cannot change an entire industry that is the way it is. You say you've been working on ships for five years, maybe it's time to take your skills and find a place where they will be appreciated. You shouldn't have to carry on feeling the way you do, in what could be perceived as a soul corroding way of life.

Try to pull yourself away from the confined head-space you feel you're in. There is a place for you.


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Posted: Saturday, March 9, 2013 6:23 PM
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Hello Andrea

The reason I believe nobody spends their time portraying their beliefs on a forum is cause firstly they get all the b*^#!ing done in their spare time behind all the drinks or even worse on the job behind your back. I am too going engineering but unlike yourself have been on yachts for 2 1/2 years vs your 5 yachting and countless commercial years, now the reason I bring that up is because someone is bound to hop onto your topic and say engineers are naturally the un social pricks on board however that is a dramatical generalisation coming from a bunch chamois technicians wearing fouled anchors on their shoulders. (just a joke deck crew, just lightening the mood of the topic) I do understand what you are saying about the backstabbing and not to mention the drugs and excessive drinking both on and off charter (an old topic that is shrugged as it will always be there) but you are working with a large number of people who have done nothing with their lives since leaving school and all have "a passion for the sea" This is another generalisation as I do recognise there are good yacht crew hanging around however when last did you see a junior in either dept spend weekends studying new books they bought, or spending after hours working out how the fixed CO2 system works not just "pull here & push that button" etc.

And I will answer that, those are the crew that are still deckhands (with a chief mate ticket) on the same boat after 5 years and the engineers who are respected and on a healthy rotation, those positions are out there but once people full them, they don't leave in a hurry. So stick to it, I know I will and when you find it, let us know


Posted: Thursday, March 14, 2013 11:34 PM
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Yep, that's the way it is, I agree mostly, However it's not that they are all "bad people,, It's a dosage issue.

The culture flows downhill sooo,, whatcha gonna do, buy a fish farm and retire?

Posted: Friday, April 5, 2013 10:14 PM
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'Culture flows downhill', lol, so right you are. Most of it begins with insecure captains setting the tone. This is all a result of the recruiting system where buying booze and blow gets you the jobs, not qualifications, experience or ability. Remember, yachts are crewed by backpackers mostly and they don't want to disturb the party system.