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From the beginning to now
Posted: Saturday, April 4, 2015 11:43 PM
Joined: 01/04/2015
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Hello team Dockwalk.

I am an aspiring deckhand currently living in New Zealand and I have been browsing this forum for a couple of days (not in a row) and I cannot find any detailed information on the transition from arriving at a port/harbour to working full-time on a yacht. 

Could someone tell me about this process as it happened to them? I.E. from arriving to a major port/harbour to getting day work and finally to being offered a job.  How you got the day work, when and how long it took to get offered a permanent job, what crew think of 'greenies' when they approach the boats looking for work etc.

I understand that each boat and each experience will be different but it will give anyone reading this more detailed knowledge of the process.

Thanks a lot.