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New sailor on board ready to ...
Posted: Friday, April 24, 2015 12:37 PM
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I'm new on this forum and I don't know where to post a quick presentation about myself so I do it here.

I'm an almost still young French feller who is at the end of his second year (WHV) in Australia but unfortunately as every good things my fabulous relationship with this country runs to its end . Anyway I'm ready to sail to new horizons especially New Caledonia that's why I'm posting this message.
I'm looking for a boat who can pick up me in Sydney - Brisbane or maybe Cairns to drop me off in New Caledonia. Obviously I want to participate and work on board.

I don't have any experience but I have some skills who could be appreciate.
I was firefighter volunteer in France for 10 years and also ambulance volunteer officer at St John Ambulance (WA) for a year (I can provide some evidences if you want to), I also have strong knowledge in health an safety (6 years). During my journey here I worked in construction, as dishwasher and kitchen hand so it can maybe help. I also like photography.

I'm a serious and hard worker guy (I can give you some references). 
I would really appreciate if somebody (or a crew) could send me a message and offer to me a ride.

A last thing, my English is good but I'm not fluent but it has never been an obstacle for my job.

I thank you by advance and see you on board Captain

Posted: Friday, April 24, 2015 6:18 PM
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Hi Menelas,

As it sounds like you are looking for a short trip to get you over there, try registering on (free) to find a boat doing that trip. If you´re looking for a more permanent job, you can also find one on that site and remember that Dockwalk also has a Careers section where you can upload a profile to look for work.