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The best wax for a bad paint job?
Posted: Wednesday, September 23, 2015 4:42 PM
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Hey all,


I'm on a boat with a 12 year old paint job that has seen better days. We are not going to paint it (we are selling the boat soon and getting a bigger one), and therefore I have to deal with and uphold some rather porous paint.


 After our yard period, the paint was totally fudged due to all the gnarly dust in the air which had baked onto the paint along with tons of rain we got around the same time that they were fixing a BUNCH of blisters on the hull (like 500 big ones on a 112)... So I could not wash or rinse the boat for a few days which was all it took for the white paint to turn a nasty shade of grey.

I then spent the following 10 days, with the help of a dayworker, buffing the entire boat with Finesse-It II, and in some places Imperial compound, and then going over everything with a coat or two of Awl Care (we had a boat load of the stuff from the previous crew)...


 Now, maybe Awl Care is really good for new paint, but dirt and black streaks just stick to it. It comes off easily enough with more Awl Care, but with all this rain in South Florida, that means I have to polish a LOT of paint every week as black streaks keep on coming and don't come off with a wool pad during a wash down.


 So my question is, do you guys have any recommendations for a really tough wax/polish/protectant which will give me more time between polish jobs, given the state of my paint?


Thank you so much,


Posted: Saturday, October 3, 2015 2:26 AM
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The best wax is found in the ears of the paint contractor that heard you ask for pricing on a new paint job. 

Beyond that your fighting an ever increasing cycle corrosion issues, which surveyors will deduct from the price along with the price of new paint the other issues of the yacht which is likely to approaching critical. 

Can I ask when you cleaned and painted the fresh water tank? Because I'd bet you showering, cooking and drinking water with all kinds of contaminats. 

Good luck. 

Gabriel Poirier
Posted: Tuesday, October 6, 2015 2:53 AM
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To start, you do not help yourself and the paint by using Finesse-it. You can put "wax" if you want to repeat the job over and over again.

By using Finesse-it, you create more micro-scratches, so you allowed more dust to attached to the surface. Putting a wax is like putting a light glue on top of you paint. You will need to clean more often and by doing that, you remove the wax.

I will strongly suggest that you look at YSR web-site. 

I am the captain of a yacht with a 10 years old gelcoat. Last year, YSR polish and protect the entire yacht with a line of product call "Sea-Shield". The results are exceptional. The owner like it and it is a lot easier to maintain. Also, the finish is good up to 6 months. A lot better then the 4 to 5 weeks that you got with a wax.

Good luck