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The Essential Site for Superyacht Captains and Crew is the leading website for superyacht captains and crew, and the perfect complement to the magazine. Through a combination of compelling content, essential resources and social networking features it has become the number one online destination for this itinerant community.

The majority of the content on the site is “user-generated.” The forum is one of the most active in the industry, with members discussing all manner of topics of interest to them. Members can post blogs, photos and videos, and we publish news and regular online features.

The site has a variety of social networking features, allowing captains and crew to keep in touch with their friends and colleagues around the world. There is also an interactive database of more than 575 superyacht marinas, and a digital version of the magazine, allowing crew to read it wherever they happen to be.

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Site membership continues to grow and now has 30,000 registered members. Depending on your estimation of the superyacht captain's and crew market, there is no doubt that this represents a significant proportion of the marketplace.


The reach of is demonstrated by the number of individuals ("unique visitors") who visit the site. Over the last three months the site has averaged in excess of 30,000 unique visitors per month with average page views of over 300,000.

Visits: 75,876*
Unique visitors: 34,964*
Pageviews: 327,421*
Average time on site: 3 mins 39 secs*
Average pageviews: 4.32*

Source: Google Analytics, February 2013

Whilst estimates vary about the size of the captains and crew community as a whole, there is no doubt that are large proportion are regular visitors to


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