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My disorganized yachting career

I did everything wrong in yachting, buggered my life up by spending every cent on booze, drugs, gadgets, clothes and holidays.    I now have many regrets, because my ex-girlfriend from South Africa emailed me and said she is pregnant and now I am trying to decide what to do about that, cause we busted up last month and she dropped this on me when I am flat broke and living in a Fort Lauderdale crew house and not in any position to become a father, let alone marry some bird I hooked up with for a season.   Looking back I > more

GoFundme relief fund for the Dominican Republic. > more

The Darkside of the Industry....sssh no one likes to speak of it.

Yachting is a strange and wonderful world.  Life takes us down different paths and we briefly may meet someone that seems for like only a moment and poof, they are gone.  Years later you run into them and once you had helped them up their ladder of success, now they are there for your continued climb, this happens alot in this industry.  Keeping in touch in some way shape or form with yachting without actually working on a boat is interesting and that was just what Johnnie had done.  Took nearly a two year hiatus from the stank of crappy > more
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