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October 2019  

    A Clean Bill of Health

Remedying ailments while at sea can be difficult. Several medical professionals shared the most common crew medical issues, along with how to prevent, identify, and treat them.

The Dayworker Dilemma

Maritime insurance experts explain the nuances and legalities of dayworking, and crew agents advise on how to smartly look for daywork.


Got Wine?
As boats get larger and more technologically savvy, the onboard wine collection has followed suit. Wine professionals share the basics for caring for, building a collection, and managing it all.


The Rotation Equation 

For some crew, a rotational role is the dream, but is it really as great as it seems? Captains and crew discuss their experiences with rotation on board — both the good and the bad.


Don't Say a Word 

Most crew employment contracts have some level of a confidentiality agreement. Experts break down the NDA and the risks involved when it's violated.




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    You can view previous editions of Dockwalk in the Digital Dockwalk archive 

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