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Doing yachtmaster Offshore course with no sailing experience.
Posted: Sunday, February 21, 2016 4:30 PM
Joined: 10/02/2016
Posts: 1

Hi There,

Looking for some advice about doing my yachtmaster offshore course.

What is the necessary/recommended training that I would need to be prepared for the yachtmaster offshore exam?

I have looked at a school that says I would need to do the following:


  • STCW (compulsory) 
  • A competent crew course
  • Day skipper theory course
  • Day skipper practical
  • Deckhand course
  • Boat handling course
  • RYA yachtmaster coastal theory course
  • RYA yachtmaster coastal practical
  • Power Boat level II
  • RYA PWC Course
  • RYA PPR online course
  • Mileage Trip (with all the offshore requirements)
  • Exam Prep/boat handling week
  • RYA Yachtmaster Offshore exam
I am trying to figure out the most cost effective way of completing this. 
From what I've gathered, I feel like the most necessary courses to do would be the yachtmaster coastal theory and practical, Mileage Trip, Exam Prep week and then the exam. 
Would this be sufficient for someone with out any experience? 
I am a very practical and logical person who enjoys fixing things and working with my hands.
Is it worth(cost effective) doing the theory courses online?
Also, is it compulsory to do the Proficiency in Designated Security Duties(PDSD)?
And lastly, would you recommend me converting my sailing yachtmaster to a power yachtmaster if I am planning to work on the super yachts?


Thanks guys!

Gabriel Poirier
Posted: Monday, February 22, 2016 5:27 PM
Joined: 21/05/2008
Posts: 31

Hi Luc,

It seems that you are going for a "zero to hero" class. There is a lot of crew with this kind of certification who are looking for job. 
Sadly, a lot of crew were unable to deliver the  service that they advertise. It is , for what I know, more and more difficult to find work after this kind of program. You got the certificates, without enough experience. If you are serious about yachting, take STCW basic, power level 2, AEC and find work. After a complete year, you should know if you like this work and you will have some experience to show. Sadly, many crew spend a lot of $ to realize after few weeks or months that they are at the wrong place. Hopefully this will help you. Good luck.

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