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July 2020 

    Solo Superyachting

When venturing off the beaten path to remote destinations, preparation is essential. Captains and expedition experts share their experiences and advice on extreme cruising.

All Stocked Up 

As crew anticipate the arrival of guests, everything is not business as usual. Yacht companies share their challenges, how they’re handling them, and their outlook on the coming seasons.  


Certainly Uncertain
The ripple effect of Brexit on the superyacht industry has yet to be determined. Experts discuss the potential impact, what’s likely to remain the same, and how to prepare for the uncertainty.  


Special: Tenders & Toys 

Every year, Dockwalk gathers the latest tenders and cool new toys to consider with your yacht’s arsenal. These 2020 must-haves are sure to bring waves of fun to you and your guests. 




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    You can view previous editions of Dockwalk in the Digital Dockwalk archive 

                     Digital Dockwalk is sponsored by Westrec Marinas