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November 2019 

    Cruising on Cloud 9

If onboard relationships are handled improperly, they can cause drama among crew. Captains, crew, and crew agents share their advice on how to professionally handle entanglements.

Creative Thinking

In the high-pressure world of yachting, creative activities can provide a relief or way to keep sane. Learn about maintaining a creative life while working aboard.


60 & Spectacular
Sailing into its 60th anniversary, the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show will be just as grand. Check out our 2019 FLIBS guide, including must-attend events and yacht debuts.


Crew Training for Generation Z 

To keep up with the next generation of crew, training has risen to the challenge. Maritime training professionals break down how training has changed, the benefits, and tips for new yacht crew.


Avoiding Charter Burnout 

Whether you're on a charter vessel or not, it's important to avoid burnout. We spoke to eight crewmembers who shared their best tips to actively practice self-care to remain refreshed.


Insight from the Other Side 

Superyacht crew know a vessel better than almost anyone else, second to the designers. Three former yachties who got into yacht design share how they balance between fashion and function.




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    You can view previous editions of Dockwalk in the Digital Dockwalk archive 

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