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Fire on board M/Y Lalibela in France

Oct 15th 18
By Aileen Mack

A major fire broke out on board 42-meter M/Y Lalibela while she was docked in Vallauris harbor at Golfe-Juan, France, around 3 a.m. on October 13, Maritime Bulletin reports. In the afternoon of October 13, the fire was still burning.

Two people were on board when the fire broke out and were able to get off the vessel without harm, L’essentiel reports. Two firefighters aboard the ship were slightly injured and suffered ringing in their ears after an explosion, according to Le Parisien. The vessel remained berthed, and neighboring boats were relocated to prevent the fire from spreading.

According to France 3, Lalibela became partially submerged in the port during the night of October 13 to 14, and some of its fuel spread into the basin. The tanks contained 50,000 liters of diesel. On Monday, a perimeter dam with a skirt was set up to keep contain all pollutants to the wharf and foam was used to prevent the fuel from catching fire. This allowed 1,700 liters of fuel to be recovered, and the pumping is expected to end on October 16.