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7 Days in the Grenadines (sidebar)

Know Before You Go



You can anchor inside the bay just in front of Castries. Contact Castries Lighthouse on VHF16 when 3.5 nautical miles out. Pilotage is compulsory for vessels over 100GT (although when we entered at 757GT, no pilot was required). The taxi ride to the airport is quick and easy, five minutes from the main seawall. Ben’s Taxi St. Lucia will sort out transport to custom’s clearance. Contact Ben at cell: 758 484 0708, office: 758 459 5457 or e-mail:



Marigot was under construction when we were there last year and it was a bit of a dust bowl. Hopefully, this year it will be better. The locals are quite friendly and approach the yachts often. It’s best to make one of them your friend and have them stand watch in their skiff.


St. Vincent and the Grenadines tours

The agent for St. Vincent and the Grenadines is Sam’s Taxi Tours. They have offices in St. Vincent, Bequia and Union Island. Contact Roslyn at office: 784 456 4338, cell: 784 456 4233 or e-mail:


Mustique anchoring tip

Mustique is the island that all the guests want to visit but it’s a difficult anchorage due to the swell that wraps around the island. Without at-anchor stabilization, it can get quite rolly. It’s best to contact Quantum Marine before you head down, but if that’s not in the budget, here’s a trick that my first officer pulled off with a hitch last year that made us sit like we were in a pond in 30 knots of wind. It’s called bridling the anchor.


The idea is to shift the center of the anchor’s effort aft by running a line from the stern, up the side of the yacht to the bow and through the anchor hawse. Hitch the line to the chain and draw up any slack on the stern bit. Wait for the boat to swing to the swell and pay out chain until the prevailing wind holds the boat with the bow into the swell. Once the bow has fallen off, small adjustments to the length of the chain will fine-tune the setting of the yacht. To undo the bridle, just pull in the chain and untie the line. It works like a charm!


The Pitons mooring

The anchorages in front of the Pitons are quite deep. Contact Ben’s Taxi for a mooring reservation.