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SuperYacht Crew Academy

SuperYacht Crew Academy
PO Box 593
Newport Anchorage Marina, Office 3, Marina level
79-81 Beaconsfield Street
Newport, NSW 2106

Tel: +612 9979 9669
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Company Profile

The SuperYacht Crew Academy, a division of Club Sail & Australian representative & partnership school of International Yacht Training, Inc., offers professional sail and power vessel IYT training courses.

IYT Certificates are MCA recognized allowing you to find employment on mega yachts registered in 23 countries around the world no matter where the yacht is located.

All commercial charter vessels require certified masters/captains and crew. Most insurance companies now require that all paid crew have MCA approved Deck or Master of Yachts yachtmaster certificates and the STCW95 courses.

IYT Professional Master of Yachts Courses are for advanced participants with certain requirements of pre-course experience. These are referred to in the details of each course below.

You are not precluded from these courses as a recreational sailor, in fact we highly recommend the extra depth of knowledge and certification to anyone and the STCW95 courses are now required by insurance agencies even for private yachts.

If you are starting out afresh with no credentials at all, The Superyacht Crew Academy offers a "Fast Track" 7 week Professional Crew program option.

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