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Finding the Right Fit
By Kelly Sanford, published on 25th Feb 2009
In the current economy, crew may be having a hard time finding a job that's right for them. With such an emphasis on career longevity, it's best to get the right fit the first time, then stick with it.

6 Tips for a Killer Resume
By Rubi McGrory, published on 16th Jan 2009
CVs are the first chance you have to make a lasting impression, so you better be sure you've crossed your t's and dotted your i's. With these six tips, your resume is sure to always be at the top of the pile.

Unconventional Ways Crew Find Work
By Matt Brown, published on 13th Jan 2009
In today's technologically advanced and hyper-social world, it pays to cover all the bases. Crew are hitting both the docks and cyberspace when hunting for their next employment opportunity.

Impressing the Crew Agent
By Sally Aston, published on 10th Jan 2009
Sure, everyone knows that first impressions are important, but did you know that you have to make a good one long before you step on board for an interview. You're being judged right from that first call or visit to an agency.

Reality Check: The Crew Shortage is Over
By Kelly Sanford, published on 19th November 2008
Crew placement agencies are currently swamped with crew, some desperate to find work. And it's not just in the entry-level positions. It’s right across the board – even engineers can't find jobs!

Networking to the Top: Cell Phones, Job Swaps and Beer
By Dianne Thompson, published on 16th Oct 2008
With so many networking tools available today for captains and crew, there is no reason why anyone who is suitably qualified cannot network their way to the top.

What NOT to Do in a Crew Interview
By Kelly Sanford, published on 10th Jul 2008
Crew shortage or not, captains and owners have noticed that many crew behave totally inappropriately during an interview. Don’t let a great job pass you by. Learn how to avoid mistakes and land a great job.

Job Security? What Job Security?
By Kate Lardy, published on 3rd Jul 2008
Yes, it’s hard to retain good crew but what about the other side of the story, the other reason behind these short job stints – the lack of job security in this business?

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