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February 2019 

   A Fine Art

Experts share the best methods for determining art placement, security, and maintenance.

Happily Ever After

Several yachting couples share their stories, experiences, and how they manage their lives together.


Navigating Sea Service
Industry experts share the mistakes to avoid, how MIN 543 affects crew, and tips for a painless verification process.


Event: Fun in the Sun
Check out our Antigua Charter Yacht Show coverage to see what you missed, including beautiful boats, sunshine, and lots of crew fun.




News and Gear

January 2019    

   The Business of Yachting

See what 2019 has in store for boatbuilders in the Global Order Book and how it will affect the crew job market.

The Wonders of Wine

Experts weigh in on enhancing your career with wine courses and selecting the right certification and courses for your desires and schedule.


Superyacht, Sans Crew?
Are we facing the possibility of the autonomous superyacht? Some argue that the industry’s personal service-driven requirements will keep crew employed, but is it only a matter of time?


Storm Prep
Experts share their advice on navigating the yachting landscape, how to manage your risk, and prepare for the coming changes. 




News and Gear