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December 2020  

    Open for Business

This winter season will be unlike any other, and charter brokers and crew are adapting to new rules and regulations. Find out what you need to know about venturing into the Caribbean this season.

Keeping on an Even Keel

While there's no stopping the motion of the ocean, modern tech can help counter its effects. From gyros to fins, industry professionals discuss yacht stabilization systems and the latest trends. 


Building a Zero-Carbon Future
Chief Engineer John Pierce shares potential ways for reducing yachts' carbon footprints, including alternative power options, fuel, and propulsion for both new build and refitted yachts. 





News and Gear

November 2020  

    From the Bottom Up

Read the stories of seven deckhands, how they came to be in yachting, and where they hope their story goes, along with their top tips to make it on deck.

Improving Team Dynamics

Industry professionals and crew discuss the importance of developing leadership skills, its effects on the workplace, and training courses to help create a positive team environment. 


  The Power Factor
Chief Engineer John Pierce tackles the topic to explain the intricacies of real, reactive, and apparent power and their real-world applications in a superyacht's engine room. 


FLIBS: A New Era  

The 61st annual Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show may look a little different. With some restrictions in place, make sure to check our preview and make plans to attend safely.




News and Gear

 October 2020  

    The Tipping Point

Tipping is always a hot topic, and charter crew can add serious numbers to their bottom line. Industry professionals and captains break down the factors that play into crew gratuity. 

Lessons from the Cockpit

Aviation and maritime experts discuss the two industries, their differences, and how — or if — aviation's procedures could be adapted to boats.  


Troubled Waters
While there are no official guidelines for yachts for dealing with the pandemic, many are adapting. These captains and crew share how the pandemic has changed onboard procedures. 


Marina Special 

Check out our marina special to read up on some crew-recommended marinas and the latest news, including sustainability efforts at locations around the world.




News and Gear

September 2020  

    Getting Back Afloat

The results are in! We share the 2020 salary data we've gathered to provide an invaluable guide to crew compensation, along with trends and how COVID has affected the job market.

Home Sweet Home

Real estate professionals share what you need to know about international realty from specific processes to the legalities of land and property ownership. 


Driving Ambition
The climb to captain can be challenging, and once at the helm, the only way for a captain to advance is to move to a larger vessel. There are a number of factors at play so how tough is it? 




News and Gear

August 2020  

    Where in the World

As our worlds have shrunk, one way to get through the pandemic blues is to dream of travel. These travel experts can help you figure out where in the world to go and what to see when you get there.

A Revolving Door

Turnover is inevitable, but with crew living and working so closely, there are added tensions. Captains and crew agents discuss the costs of crew turnover, tips to mitigate it, and advice for departing crew.  


The Changing Face of Medical Operations
Crew are no strangers to telemedicine services. But in the wake of COVID-19, certain new elements and challenges need to be considered. Telemedicine providers share new protocols and devices. 


Special: Refit  

Check out our refit special for insights from captains and yards, one engineer’s special recommendations, future changes in interiors, and three stunning yacht makeovers. 




News and Gear

July 2020 

    Solo Superyachting

When venturing off the beaten path to remote destinations, preparation is essential. Captains and expedition experts share their experiences and advice on extreme cruising.

All Stocked Up 

As crew anticipate the arrival of guests, everything is not business as usual. Yacht companies share their challenges, how they’re handling them, and their outlook on the coming seasons.  


Certainly Uncertain
The ripple effect of Brexit on the superyacht industry has yet to be determined. Experts discuss the potential impact, what’s likely to remain the same, and how to prepare for the uncertainty.  


Special: Tenders & Toys 

Every year, Dockwalk gathers the latest tenders and cool new toys to consider with your yacht’s arsenal. These 2020 must-haves are sure to bring waves of fun to you and your guests. 




News and Gear

June 2020 

    Flying Solo

If you're in search of your next position, should you consider the freelance route? Crew recruiting experts and crew discuss the pros and cons and the positions best suited to temp work.

Keep Your Cool

A/C techs weigh in on the most common issues they see on yachts, offer tips to prevent costly repairs, and share what to do if the yacht turns into a hazardous environment.


Pier Pressure
With the long hours on charter and guest unpredictability, it seems inevitable that crew have a tough time balancing expectation with reality. Crew and experts discuss fatigue’s seemingly gray area.




News and Gear

May 2020 

    Climbing the Ranks

Moving up the ladder in any industry takes time. While there are no shortcuts or fast tracks to the top, training and crew recruiting experts shared their best advice for earning a promotion on board.

New Launch

Capt. Chris Delves took a varied route to get to the 65-meter Admiral M/Y Life Saga, his latest charge, where he enjoys a strong friendship with the owner.


Ground Zero 
Before springing to action in the unfortunate event of a storm, it's important to find out the best way to help. Captains who have been through the storm's aftermath share valuable insight.




News and Gear

April 2020  

    A Moveable Feast

With more open galleys and evolving guest preferences, we're entering a new era on board. Chefs and industry professionals share today's trends and a glimpse into the modern galley. 


Searching for Sustainability

The move toward sustainability has become increasingly evident in galley design. Experts discuss the elements that go into design and offer insight into more eco-friendly alternatives.


Time's Up
Yachts over 24-meter load line length will soon have to comply with the IMO's Tier III limits for nitrogen oxide emissions. Experts break down the challenges and potential impacts of the deadline. 


Event: Benetti Takes on Barcelona  

For its 20th anniversary, the Benetti Yachtmaster hosted more than 200 captains and sponsors in the beautiful city of Barcelona. Check out our coverage of the event. 




News and Gear

March 2020 

    Crafting the Dream Team

The experts share their team-building tips on how to implement a better program on board to build stronger crew bonds and strengthen the team dynamic. 


The Crew Commandments

Yachting truly is a world unlike any other with its own special set of rules to follow. These 10 commandments might not get you a raise, but they'll help make your life on board a breeze.


Salvage at Sea
All vessels are subject to the perils of the sea so it's important to be prepared for when things go wrong. The experts weigh in on what you need to understand about salvage operations. 


Paint Special 

Check out the special for tips on keeping the yacht's paint at its best, the breakdown on ceramic coatings, and the latest on paint news and eco-friendly trends.


Event: Chef Showdown    

For the 20th annual Chefs' Competition at the 2019 Antigua Charter Yacht Show, 25 superyacht chefs were put to the test. See which chefs rose to the challenge and took home the honors. 




News and Gear

February 2020 

    Reel Quality

With seafood fraud and debates between wild-caught and farm-raised, provisioning for fish won't always go swimmingly. We gathered tips from the experts to help you find the best catch. 


Add It Up

Saving time and money, 3D printing has become a part of solutions to issues on board yachts. Industry experts and a yacht engineer discuss its applications and potential for growth.


Rescue Me
Accidents happen; nature throws curveballs. One captain who's seen it all shares his experiences and advice for assisting in a rescue at sea. 


Event: Life's a Breeze   

The 2019 Antigua Charter Yacht Show was a wonderful end to a year of fabulous boat shows. From marina nights to the Deep Blue Sea crew party, see our coverage from the show. 




News and Gear

January 2020 

  Turning Tides

From worldwide trends to new build numbers, see what’s forthcoming in the industry and what it could mean for the crew job market in Boat International Media’s annual Global Order Book. 


Mind, Body, & Soul

A new year is upon us, and it’s a chance to begin working toward living your best life. We’ve gathered the trends that could help build a healthier and happier you to start off the new decade.


The Art of Modern Seamanship
From the ubiquitous GPS system and constantly evolving electronics, yachting has come a long way from its origins. Experts and captains discuss the essence of seamanship, and what it means today. 


Event: A Sizzling 60 

The 2019 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show was sunny, sweaty, and as spectacular as always as it rang in its 60th anniversary show. Check out our coverage and photos of the events. 




News and Gear